It all started in the summer of 2005. Dan was encouraged by his Aunt Nancy to head to Denmark for 10 days with his 2 cousins to do some "on the ground research" regarding the family genealogy. He left me back in Massachusetts with infant twin girls just over a year old. He on vacation, me in baby work world. So, he, being the thoughtful husband, brought back for me a ceramic bottle of "Viking Mead." "Viking Mead??" I scratched my head. Very romantic (??). Never heard of mead. He (being testosterone laden) thought it looked cool. I (being full of estrogen) thought it a waste of money (I would have loved a lovely old vine zin at that point being by myself with 2 "busy" babies to look after while he was gone "researching.") So, there it sat on the liquor shelf along with all the other half used weird booze one buys for a specific cocktail you only use once.

Fast forward 3 years.

"Hey, what is this?" as he dug deep into the pantry. There is was, no worse for wear, a bit dust coated, but "well aged." We opened it, lacking that lovely old vine zin of which I spoke, and poured 2 glasses. We sniffed. We sipped. We were HOOKED. Mead was amazing! It was not the sweet syrupy drink we assumed it was! Delicious. "We can make this!" He said with a smirk. The rest, as they say, is history - or will be (we hope!).

We had always been beer brewers - started that in gad school as a hobby and to save some money. But mead and wine was to follow. Dan tried his hand at all sorts of wine, some good, some okay, some, well, good for cooking. Mead creating soon followed the wine. Neighbors came to sample and give feedback. "This smells like dirty socks." "Wet sponges?" "Nice fruit overtones." These are some of the comments overheard on our deck among or many friends. Dan became the "mad scientist," keeping dutiful log notes about quantities , measurements, temperatures, and fermentation activity. Honey was ordered by the bucketful. Spice racks were gone over and perused and spices chosen. Kids were shooed out of the basement. We waited. We watched the bubbling. We waited some more. and then we sipped. Pure bliss!  He did it!  The hard work had paid off!

So, now several years down the road, we are ready to share our passion for mead with others. We hope you will come and check us out, come tour the production room, partake in the tasting room, and hopefully support our honey nano-winery!

Our meads are made with fresh, unprocessed raw honey, and using local fruits.  We want to support our region's economy, while making the best wine possible!  Prices range from 19.95 to 23.95 (in tasting room), depending on the amount of local produce, and the source of raw honey in the mead.

A special limited release mead will be made 4-5 times per year.

Our Current Lineup (Dec 2017):

Listed Dry to Sweet


Choate Bridge Cyser:              ABV 13.7%

Made in honor of my great Uncle John Choate, who was the supervisor during the construction of the first double arched stone bridge in America.  The bridge was completed in 1764.  Ipswich celebrated the 250th anniversary of the bridge in 2015.

This is a "Cyser" (mead and apples), made with fresh pressed, Massachusetts grown apples.  Get a blast of apple flavor and touch of fall with this mead, one of our lighter elixirs.  Perfect for a hot summer day, or a lighter winter wine.  This is one of our dryer meads.  Think a combination of a hard cider and a mead!


 devilsfp2Devil's Footprint:                       ABV 14.1%

A devily delightful sipping mead.  Blueberries, raspberry and blackberries locally sourced from Cider Hill Farm (Amesbury) and Nourse Farms (Deerfield) were fermented with raw local honey to make this dry, tart mead.  And a great local historic story to go along with the name!




Wicked Wench
:                       ABV 12.7%

Semi-sweet traditional mead made with northshore MA wildflower honey.  It does not get more local, or better, than this!

PearGingerSerendipity:             ABV 13.5%

Ginger Pear Mead with a great story.   Made with local honey, "Clapp's Favorite" pear, and locally sourced ginger (yes they grow that here!). 







 The Orchard:                  ABV 13.2%

A semi-sweet apple mead (sweeter than our other cyser)  made with local cider, local honey, and aged with Indonesian cinnamon. This a must after a day apple picking in New England! Yum!

BeewitchedLabelSmBeewitched:                       ABV 12.7%

We had been selling a dry and a sweet traditional mead since we opened.  A traditional, or "show" mead is a mead that is just fermented honey. You "show" off the characteristics of the honey.  We thought we needed a middle sweetness mead between our other two.  So we came up with Beewitched!  A Semi-sweet clover honey mead.  Made with fresh, raw Maine clover honey.  You got it- the ingredients are honey, water and yeast!!  If dry or sweet is not your thing, give this a try!  Plus, there is a great story to go with it!


Strawberry Fields:                       ABV 14.7%

Mounds of beautiful, locally grown, red fragrant berries make this mead one of our stand outs. On the tongue, the berry flavor explodes and gives the imbiber thoughts strawberry festivals and early summer.  We have added a hint of cinnamon that lingers on your palate.  This mead is a semi-sweet wine, that has been sweetened with honey to balance the tartness of the berri



front23Sep16Craneberry Mead:-
Yummy in the Tummy!  Local cranberries from Carver MA and local honey are used to make this seasonally appropriate mead.  Somewhat tart, somewhat sweet, but definitely delicious.  This mead has been aged for over a year! Small batch only for the fall season.



VVFrontLabelViking Victory:                     ABV 15.5%

A spiced mead (metheglin) made with bamboo honey.  Perfect for sipping while sitting in front of the fireplace!  Mulled with Nutmeg, Allspice, Cinnamon and Cloves. Get ready to go pillaging!

This mead flys off the shelf.  A good go to if you want a traditional style of mead that has been around for centuries! Because you always wanted to be a Viking...

RaspBottleSmallRaspberry Delight:                      ABV 15.0%

Plump local Raspberries combined with fresh summer honey.  Oh my gosh this smells good right out of the fermenter! This mead has been described as "Dangerously Delicious"!  It exactly what you would expect from a mead made with fresh local honey and raspberries from a local family owned farm!



Orange Elation:                           ABV 13.3%

We went out of the area for the orange blossom honey in this straight up mead, but we think you'll agree, this mead is a staple of any wine cellar! Too bad we don't grow orange trees here in New England!  If you have never tried mead, start here!  This is the sweetest of all of our meads, and one of our best sellers.

Mother Clucker - a gooseberry and red current mead coming in January.



Citrus Breeze:     SOLD OUT                     ABV 13.1%

Basil lovers unite! Honey and fresh naval oranges are combined with local sweet and lemon basil.  Sit on the deck, lean back and enjoy! Or have with a pasta dish, pizza, or some Thai food!  Yummy! You have to try this one to appreciated it.

Last summer, a popular drink was adding a dash of gin, and a slice of orange for a superb cocktail.  Use your imagination!



Puritan Pride:       SOLD OUT            ABV 14.7%

Just like the puritans of old, nothing fancy here! Local wildflower honey is fermented with a specially chosen yeast to produce a mead of wonderfully balanced flavors and the highest quality and quaff-ability!  Made with dark fall honey, this mead is fermented dry and aged on American Oak.  We keep it local here, and this is made with Ipswich's own honey!

If you really want to be a Viking, this is a good start...


JBJason's Blunder:    SOLD OUT   ABV 14.3%

A mistake gone good.  An accidental combining of our cranberry and strawberry meads, with the raspberry added as a balancer, the mead drinker is introduced to sweet red berry delight!  A terrible mistake that has gone good.  We made Jason write the label, so you will have to read it to get his full story!




Lightkeeper - SOLD OUT

Local blueberries are fermented with local honey and then we carefully add fresh pressed lemon juice to get a great balance of tart and sweet.

Serendipity:   SOLD OUT            ABV 13.5%

Ginger Pear Mead with a great story.   Made with local honey, "Clapp's Favorite" pear, and locally sourced ginger (yes they grow that here!). 


Blueberry Dream:      SOLD OUT              ABV 14.3%

Blueberries, from Cider Hill Farms in Amesbury, have been fermented with raw Massachusetts honey.  This year we also added some low bush blueberries from Maine to increase the blueberry color and flavor.  This is one of our favorite products-  always jumping with flavor, this provides thoughts of a late summer rest in a hammock.  We strive to capture the true blueberry flavor, with careful crafting. This a dryer mead with a hint of sweetness.


Strhuberry:        SOLD OUT                        ABV 13.3%

A strawberry rhubarb mead.  Fresh local strawberries, and rhubarb from local gardens.  Need I say more? A bit tart, a bit sweet, and a definite fan favorite.  Think Grandma's pie, but not too sweet.

FL1Friar Luke's:     SOLD OUT         ABV 18.0%

Only one barrel of this special mead has been made.  Goldenrod honey mead aged for 22 months with both black and white cardamon spice.   Made in style more similar to the first mead Dan ever had, from Denmark, this is an after dinner sipping mead to enjoy with friends!


We are located in scienic Ipswich, Massachusetts.