Where do we get our honey
We make every effort to get our honey from local Massachusetts and New England apiaries.   We start right here in town, and then if we can not get the honey supply we need, we move up to the county level, and then to the region.   The total percentage of local honey depends on the quality and availability each year.    Occasionally, we will go outside the state to get honey in order to make a mead from a varietal honey such as orange blossom, or tupelo.  Sometimes we want to introduce our customers to the wide range of meads that can be made, and some of the varietal batches make the best mead.
Where are we located
We are located in the small coastal town of Ipswich, Massachusetts.   The best way to get here from the South is to fine Route 1A heading to Ipswich. We are at the north end of town, across the street from the Dunkin Donuts and Prime Gas.  If you are coming from the North, Rt. 133 and Rt 1A are the same street.  Head south past the high school and over the bridge.  You will see Prime gas station.  We are right behind Prime Gas Station .See Map
What kind of meads do we make?
Only the best kind!!  Our Meads
What is Mead?
Mead is a very ancient alcoholic drink made from fermented honey and water. It can be produce a wide variations of tastes - fermenting the honey along with fruit, herbs, spices, etc. can totally change the product. Mead can be sweet, dry, semi - dry. It can be sipped over ice, straight up, plain, warmed, what-have-you! Honey can be fermented along with fresh pressed apples for CYSER, with grape juice (wine) for PYMET, with fruit for MELOMEL, with malt for BRAGGOT, or with herbs and spices for METHEGLIN. Mead - it is the everything libation!
Why "1634 Meadery"?
When it came to naming the meadery, we brainstormed all sorts of names... some decent, some okay, but nothing "AH HA! That is it!" That was until we started discussing Ipswich's wonderful history, the 60 some pre-federal (1725 or earlier) homes still standing, the local stories of bridges, witches, and revolution. Our friend innocently said "How about 1634? The year Ipswich was incorporated?" And then, AH HA! Yes! It stuck. We hope you come to Ipswich to explore the sand, the woods, the marsh, the dunes, and the history... and then stop and see us, tour the production area, and sip some mead and let us know what you think. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Our Policy

We strive to make mead using ingredients that are local, fresh and good!     1634 Meadery will occasionally make mead that is from varietal honey that is not native to the New England region, but we would like to introduce to our customers.