Bye Bye Dry January!...

It all started in the summer of 2005. Dan was encouraged by his Aunt Nancy to head to Denmark for 10 days with his 2 cousins to do some "on the ground research" regarding the family genealogy. He left Deb back in Massachusetts with infant twin girls just over a year old. He on vacation, Deb in baby work world. So, he, being the thoughtful husband, brought back for Deb a ceramic bottle of "Viking Mead." "Viking Mead??"  She scratched her head. Very romantic (??). Never heard of mead. He (being testosterone laden) thought it looked cool. Deb (being full of estrogen) thought it a waste of money (She would have loved a lovely old vine zin at that point being by herself with 2 "busy" babies to look after while he was gone "researching.") So, there it sat on the liquor shelf along with all the other half used weird booze one buys for a specific cocktail you only use once.

Fast forward several months...

"Hey, what is this?" as he dug deep into the pantry.  There is was, no worse for wear, a bit dust coated, but "well aged." We opened it, lacking that lovely old vine zin of which Deb spoke, and poured 2 glasses. We sniffed. We sipped. We were HOOKED. Mead was amazing! It was not the sweet syrupy drink we assumed it was! Delicious. "We can make this!" He said with a smirk. The rest, as they say, is history.

We had always been beer brewers - started that in grad school as a hobby and to save some money. But mead and wine was to follow. Dan tried his hand at all sorts of wine, some good, some okay, some, well, good for cooking. Mead creating soon followed the wine. Neighbors came to sample and give feedback. "This smells like dirty socks." "Wet sponges?" "Nice fruit overtones." These are some of the comments overheard on our deck among or many friends. Dan became the "mad scientist," keeping dutiful log notes about quantities , measurements, temperatures, and fermentation activity. Honey was ordered by the bucketful. Spice racks were gone over and perused and spices chosen. Kids were shooed out of the basement. We waited. We watched the bubbling. We waited some more.  And then we sipped. Pure bliss!  He did it!  The hard work had paid off!

So, now many years down the road, we are ready to share our passion for mead with others. We hope you will come and check us out, come tour the production room, partake in the tasting room, and hopefully support our honey nano-winery!

Licensing only allows us to ship to a select number of states.  If your state is not shown below, sorry, but we can not ship to your locaton.

Note that we require a minimum of a two bottle purchase for all mead shipments.

A 10% discount is automatically given on purchases over 12 bottles


To see the locations where we are distributed, see map below, or click HERE to jump to our list of locations.

You can buy our meads at the following stores.   You can sort the list by Location or Store by clicking on header. For more details you can click on the Store link.


Billerica, MA 129 Liquors
Medford, MA Atlas Liquors
Quincy, MA Atlantic Market
Natick Ma Austin Liquors
Brookline, ma Bay State Liquors
Hudson, Ma Bacon Wine and Spirits
Lexington, MA Bermans Fine wine and Sprits
Beverly, MA Beverly Shop and Go
Braintree, MA Bin Ends
Jamaica Plains, MA Blanchards
Boston Public Market Boston Beer Alley - BPM
West Roxbury, MA Blanchards
Brighton Ma Brighton Celler and Gourmet
Burlington, Ma Burlington Wine & Spirits
Salem, MA Busa Wine and Spirits
Jamaica Plains, MA Centre Liquor
Cambridge, MA City Liquors
Gloucester, ma Common Crow Marketplace
Milton, MA Craft and Cru
Quincy, MA Curtis Liquors, Quincy
Sudbury, MA Danny's Wine and Spirits
Somerville, MA Dave's Fresh Pasta
Waltham Ma Dions Waltham, Lexington Street
Fenway,Boston, MA Fenway Beer Shop
Brookline, MA Foley's Liquors
Chestnut Hill, MA Gary's Liquors
Billerica, MA Georgio's, Billerica
Arlington, MA Giles wine and spirits
Medford, MA Giles Wine and Spirits
Woburn, MA Liquor Land
Waltham, MA Gordon's (Main Street)
Waltham, MA Gordon's (Moody Street)
Watertown, Ma Gordan's Fine Wine
Salem, MA Gulu Gulu Cafe
Berlin Highland Wine and Spirts
Oxford, MA Hometown Liquors
Cambridge, ma Inman Square Fine Wine
Somerville, MA Jerry's Liquor Mart
Malden, MA (Rt. 1) Kappy's
Medford, MA Kappy's
Peabody, MA (mall) Kappy's
Danvers, MA Kappy's
East Boston Kappy's
Salem, MA Koto
Beverly, MA Lighthouse Wine and Spirits
Burlington, Ma LIquor Cabinet
Boston, MA Liquor Land
Billerica, MA Lincoln Liquors
Chelmsford, MA Lincoln Liquors
Littleton Littleton One Stop LIquor
Tewskbury, ma Lincoln Liquors
Framingham, ma Lincoln Liquors
Lynn, ma Lynnway Liquors
Waltham Macy's Liquors
Malden, Ma Malden Center Fine Wines
Marlborough, ma Marlborough Wine and Spirits
Allston, MA Marty's Fine Wines
Newton, MA Marty's Fine Wines
Saugus, MA Nasty Nonni's Wine & Spirits
Needham, MA Needham Center Fine Wines
Tewskbury, MA Oakdale One Stop Liquor
North Reading, MA One Stop Liquors
Haverhill, MA One Stop Marketplace
Salem, MA Pamplemousse
Northburough, MA Paired, Poured and Plated
Quincy, MA Presidential Liquors
Rowley, Ma Route 1 Liquors
Salem, MA Salem Liquors
Rockport, Ma Sea and Cellar
Gloucester, MA Seabreeze Liquors
Lowell, MA The Liquor Shop
Cambridge, MA University Wine Shop
Vinnin Liquors Vinnin Square Liquors
Concord, ms Walden Liquors
Brighton, Ma Walsh Wine and Spirits
Amesbury, ma Wangs Liquors
Concord, Ma West Concord Wine and Spirits
Brookline, MA Wine Press
Ink Block, Boston Wholefoods
River St, Cambridge Wholefoods
Somerville, MA Wine & Cheese Cask
Bradford, MA Academy Liquors
Belmont, MA Art's Specialties
Maynard, MA Art's Specialties
Somerville, MA Ball Square Fine Wines
Salem, MA Bambolina
Boston, MA Bauer Wine and Spirits
Cambridge, MA Cambridge Spirits
Gloucestor, MA Cape Ann Liquors
Ipswich, MA Cellar Door
Salem, MA Cheese Shop of Salem
Essex, MA CK Pearl
Ipswich, MA Coastal Green Grocer
Acton, MA Colonial Spirits
Amesbury, MA RMA Craft Beer
Belmont, MA Craft Beer Cellar
Newton, MA Craft Beer Cellar
Norfolk, MA Just Better Beer
Westford, MA Craft Beer Cellar
Cohasset, MA Curtis Liquors
Weymouth, MA Curtis Liquors
North Beverly, MA Depot Liquors
Essex, MA Essex Wine Exchange
Georgetown, MA Georgetown Liquors
East Weymouth, MA Granite Liquors
Cambridge, MA Grendel's Den
Hamilton, MA Hamilton Community Package Store
Ipswich, MA Ipswich Bottle Shop
Westbourgh, MA Julio's Liquors
Braintree, MA Kay's Cans & Bottles
Amesbury, MA Amesbury Wine and Spirits
Newburyport, MA Leary's Fine Wine
Reading, MA Liquor Junction
Somerville, MA Liquor Junction
Winchestor, MA Liquor Junction
Woburn, MA Liquor Junction
Rockland, MA Lukes Liquors
Ipswich, MA Marcorrelle's
Cambridge, MA Meadhall
Reading, MA Pamplemousse
Cambridge, MA Pemberton Farms
Newburyport, MA Port Wine and Spirits
Cambridge, MA Porter Square Wine and Spirits
Franklin, MA Pour Richards Wine and Spirits
Stoneham, MA Redstone Liquors
Needham, MA Reveler Beverage
Amesbury, MA Route 110 Liquors
Salem, MA Salem Wine Imports
Quincy, MA Shop-N-Save
Sudbury, MA Sudbury Craft Beer
Marblehead, MA Shubie's
Billerica, MA Turnpike Market
Middleton, MA Vinum Wine Shop
Rockport, MA Whistlestop Market
Lynnfield, MA Wholefoods
Bradford, MA Wicked Ax
North Andover, MA Wine Connextion
Ashland, MA Wine Empire
Chelmsford, MA Drum Hill Liquors
Newburyport, MA The Cottage Island Market
Masbee, MA Andy's Market
Falmouth/Teaticket, MA Teaticket Market
Sandwich, MA Canterbury Market
Haverhill, MA Shamrock Liquors


Our meads are made with fresh, unprocessed raw honey, and using local fruits.  We want to support our region's economy, while making the best wine possible!  Prices range from $22 to $27 (in tasting room), depending on the amount of local produce, and the source of raw honey in the mead.  Ask about our Clan Mead Membership for discounted mead prices.

All of our meads are gluten free!!

A special limited release mead will be made 4-5 times per year.

We will be bottling a new batch of Beekeeper (Buckwheat honey mead with tart cherries) by end of January- call for availability!

Our Current Lineup (Feb 2023):

Listed Dry to Sweet


DevilsFootprint Front 6Apr16 Devil's Footprint:                                         ABV 13.1%

A devily delightful sipping mead. Blueberries, raspberry and blackberries locally sourced are fermented with raw local honey to make this dry, tart mead. And a great local historic story to go along with the name!

Minuteman:                                          ABV 12.3%
Based on a 1674 recipe from London, this Metheglin style mead contains local honey, local raspberries, Grains of Paradise spice, cinnamon and cloves.  A delish tart and light pepper flavor goes down smooth.  Voted a employee favorite, three years running!

Toast to the Minutemen and their ladies!

MotherCluckerFront13Feb18 Mother Clucker:                                         ABV 13.1%
This tart mead, made with locally sourced gooseberries and red currants, will tingle your pallet!  Gooseberries, which are wildly popular all over Europe and are famed for making delicious desserts, and red currents are combined for a berry forward, fantastic mead!

Stinger Front 31Mar19

Stinger:                                          ABV 13.0%

Clover honey mead is aged with locally grown ginger (Red Fire Farm) and organic lemons. A perfect summer deck treat! Try with gin for a “healthy” gimlet cocktail!    Also nice mulled in the cooler weather.

Beewitched front 27Sep16

Beewitched:                                          ABV 12.5%

A Semi-sweet mead made with fresh, raw Maine clover honey. If dry or sweet is not your thing, give this a try! Plus, there is a great story to go with it- just read the label about Mazer's Dan x generation grandmother, hung as an accused witch in Salem.

WickedWenchFront6Jul17 Wicked Wench:                                          ABV 13.7% 

Semi-sweet traditional mead made with northshore MA wildflower honey. It does not get more local, or better, than this!  A good middle of road sweetness, with earthy characteristics of the local fall honey.

'Lil Jack Horner:                                         ABV 16.5%

A great after dinner sipper made with local plums and local wildflower honey.  This special release has been aged for 18 months. This mead goes down nice and smooth!   An off-dry melomel mead.


Strawberry Fields:                                         ABV 13.7%

Mounds of beautiful, locally grown, red fragrant berries make this mead one of our stand outs. On the tongue, the berry flavor explodes, and then a hint of cinnamon lingers on your palate. This mead is a semi-sweet wine.

VVFrontLabel Viking Victory:     NEW BATCH!!                         ABV 15.5%

A spiced mead (metheglin) made with bamboo honey. Perfect for sipping while sitting in front of the fireplace! Mulled with Nutmeg, Allspice, Cinnamon and Cloves. Metheglins have been around for literally a millennium!

Craneberry front23Sep16 Craneberry Mead:                                         ABV 14.3%
Yummy in the tummy!  This sweet and tart combination is released during the holidays once per year.  A delicious mead for sharing with friends and family.  Made with organic cranberries from Carver, MA.
  Yes, it is that time of the year!
RaspberryFront5Apr16 Raspberry Delight:                                         ABV 15.0%

This mead has been described as "Dangerously Delicious"! It exactly what you would expect from a mead made with fresh local honey and raspberries from a local family owned farm!  Sweet and tart!

JasonsBlunder24Mar17 Jason's Blunder:                                                         ABV 14.3%

A mistake gone good.  An accidental combining of our cranberry and strawberry meads, with the raspberry added as a balancer, the mead drinker is introduced to sweet red berry delight!  A terrible mistake that has gone good.  We made Jason write the label, so you will have to read it to get his full story!

OrangeElation2018front Orange Elation:                                  ABV 13.7%
We went out of the area for the orange blossom honey in this straight up mead, but we think you'll agree, this mead is a staple of any wine cellar! If you have never tried mead,and like sweet start here!
Front Final 27Apr21

TOPSAIL                NEW BATCH!!                                         20% ABV

This special limited release mead was two years in the making.   First a blueberry mead brandy was made by distilling some blueberry mead, then we put that into some more blueberry mead to make a "port-style" mead that was aged for 18 months!  A great mead to share with friends!


These are meads we have made in the past, and will likely make in the near future!

CBCFRONT 27Mar15 Choate Bridge Cyser:                                         ABV 13.7%

Get a blast of apple flavor and touch of fall with this mead, one of our lighter elixirs. Perfect for a hot summer day, or a lighter winter wine. This is one of our dryer meads. Think a combination of a hard cider and a mead!

1634Meadery PuritanPride 23Feb2015 front

Puritan Pride:                                         ABV 14.5% 

Just like the puritans of old, nothing fancy here!  A dark wildflower is fermented dry and aged on American Oak. More similar to a wine then some of our other meads, with some earthy and vanilla tones.  It is dry - so don't be caught of guard!

BlueberryFront17Mar15 Blueberry Dream:                                         ABV 14.3%

Blueberries, from Cider Hill Farms in Amesbury, have been fermented with raw Massachusetts honey.  This year we also added some low bush blueberries from Maine to increase the blueberry color and flavor.  This is one of our favorite products-  always jumping with flavor, this provides thoughts of a late summer rest in a hammock.  We strive to capture the true blueberry flavor, with careful crafting. This a dryer mead with a hint of sweetness.

SerendipityFront 8Mar16

Serendipity:                                         ABV 13.0%

Ginger Pear Mead with a great story. Made with local honey, "Clapp's Favorite" pear, and locally sourced ginger (yes they grow that here!).  This is on the dryer side for our meads, good with dinner.  Think Asian food!  

InTheOrchardfront19Sep16 In The Orchard:                                         ABV 12.5%

A semi-sweet apple mead (sweeter than our other cyser) made with local cider, local honey, and aged with Indonesian cinnamon. This a must after a day apple picking in New England and better as a chilled summer sipper! Yum!

Front 15Dec20 websize B100:                                                 ABV 13.5%

Blackberries from local Russell's Orchards are fermented off-dry and then aged with sweet basil, for a juicy, earthy character. This batch is the 100th one we have made at the meadery, since we opened in 2015!  What a joy ride!


Mooncusser:                                          ABV 13.7% 

Semi-sweet mead made with orange blossom honey, and then aged with fresh locally sourced jalapeno peppers, making a sweet hot combination.  Pair with nachos, tacos or another spicy food. 

OrangeBasil 3Sep15 FRONT Citrus Breeze:                         ABV 13.1%

Basil lovers unite! Honey and fresh naval oranges are combined with local sweet and lemon basil.  Sit on the deck, lean back and enjoy! Or have with a pasta dish, pizza, or some Thai food!  Yummy! You have to try this one to appreciated it.

1634Meadery Strhruberry Front 10Aug2015

Strhuberry:                                         ABV 13.3%

A strawberry rhubarb mead.  Fresh local strawberries, and rhubarb from local gardens.  Need I say more? A bit tart, a bit sweet, and a definite fan favorite.  Think Grandma's pie, but not too sweet.

PeachsPointFront9Mar18 Websize

Peach's Point - Peach/vanilla:                                         ABV 13.0%

One of our more "dessert" type meads, mostly because of the madagascar vanilla we add during our aging process.  Juicy, fully ripe, local peaches are fermented with wildflower honey for this tasty delight!

FriarLukesFrontFinal Friar Luke's:              LIMITED RELEASE                           ABV 17.0%

Only three barrels of this special mead has been made.  Goldenrod honey mead aged for 18 months with both black and white cardamon spice.   Made in style more similar to the first mead Dan ever had, from Denmark.  This is an after dinner sipping mead to enjoy with friends!

Semi-sweet with higher ABV than our average

We are located in scienic Ipswich, Massachusetts.