Viking Victory Released!!

The fleet has sailed!!   Mazer Dan's favorite mead right now- we have finally released our Viking Victory Mead!

The Viking Victory (or as we like to call it "V squared") is a spiced, dark and rich local "bamboo" honey mead.  What Dan envisioned

when making this mead was sitting around a campfire, drinking it up and planning raids.  We think he got this one right!!

A rich, semi-sweet, after dinner sipping mead, the knotweed honey comes through fully after a pleasant warm

combination of mulling spices, featuring Nutmeg, Allspice, Cinnamon and Cloves.  Watch it though!  The ABV on this is

slightly higher than our previous meads, coming in at around 15.5%.  Drink only enough to want to go pillaging!


Grab a bottle and get on you raiding vessel!!