Bee Habitat Importance

Back in 2006 bee keepers in the USA first began to report of what is now known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Whole hives where being wipes out. The cause, although researched heavily, has not yet been determined. Perhaps caused by increased exposure to insecticides and pesticides , invasive parasites, or bee specific virus or a combination of threats, the concern about populations of bees disappearing is alarming.

Think about all the fruits, vegetables and nuts you eat each day. The produce is created due to pollination of the flowers by the honey bee. No bees, no produce!

So, what small steps can you undertake to help the honey bee maintain their colonies (and your veggie salad?)?

Plant a flower garden that is bee friendly.

Plant native species only.

Shop local organic farms for your produce - support agriculture that is pesticide and insecticide free.

Let a portion of your yard "go wild" and let the weeds (flowers!) take over!

Don't use pesticides or insecticides in your backyard.

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