Can you believe it? It’s already been a year since we opened our doors! We have had so much fun producing over 10 different types of mead. Not only have we made lots of mead, but we’ve also made lots of friends, as was proven by our recent one-year anniversary party at the Meadery. We had well over 200 people show up and went through cases upon cases of mead! We had everything from face painting by Shirley Berry, history tours of 1634 cemetery by Gordon Harris, a bee hive display by Sarah Rydgren, a lovely honey tasting station with educational talks from Eric Josephson, and an epic combat show put on by the Viking Irish combat group.

Shirley Berry of Ipswich has been combining her love of children and art for several years. At the meadery she drew wonderful butterflies, dragons, and other graceful creatures for the kids. She is a local Ipswich resident and you can check out her awesome paintings on her Facebook page “Shirley’s Faces Going Places.”

The tours of 1634 Cemetery were put on by Gordon Harris. He was previously the chairman of the Ipswich Historical Commision and currently runs the “Bike New England” website. He’s got a world of knowledge and is a very knowledgable person. We have such involved customers that one of our own Mead Clan Members started some beekeeping of their own. Sarah Rydgren and her husband DJ, of Salem, MA, have started their own small beekeeping hobby and brought some great displays to the party. We got to see the ins and outs of where we get that wonderful gold substance we turn into mead.

Our tasting station included five different types of honey to sample and guess what type they were. It was quite the tasty game! This went hand and hand with Eric Josephson who owns the Marshview Apiaries in Ipswich. He spoke of the fantastic work that bees do for the environment and how important they are. He does his own beekeeping and regular educational talks. 

Wmusice also had the wonderful musical talent of Michael Bernier, a local musician who had played in the same shows as Guster, ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, and The B-52’s. He brought a great vibe to the party and had people dancing. Check out his music online, he’s a great musician and Master of ceremonies.

And finally the Viking Irish Combat Group. My goodness, they were epic. That term is used far too often these days, but they earned this one! They put on an excellent show right in front of the Meadery. The outfits were exquisite, the weapons and swords were well worn, and the battling was intense! But most of all they were really fun to have around! You could even buy some of their plunder including drinking horns and t-shirts! Check them out on their website as well, they could be at your next party!viking

Thank you to all the vendors/exhibitors that showed up and helped us celebrate!

Finally, we would like to thank you - our customers! Everyone that follows along with us on social media, comes to hang out at events or farmers markets, and the people that just stop in to grab a bottle now and then. We work very hard to make delicious mead and couldn’t be happier that you enjoy it so much! We are continually trying different flavor combinations and can’t wait to share them with you. If you love our mead as much as we do, please share our story with your friends and family (we know it’s hard to share the mead).


Our meadery will be joining the crowds of people in Massachusetts that help support local agriculture, crafts and libations by attending local farmers markets.

This year we have expanded to several Boston area markets:

Email or call to see if we are attending on a specific week.

Newburyport Farmers Market - Every other Sunday 9-1 PM (but we can only start selling wine at 10!)
The Tannery
50 Waters St.
Newburyport, MA

SoWa - "South of Washington" Farmers Maket, South Boston - Every other Sunday (Alternating with Newburyport)
500 Harrison Ave -
Boston, MA

Cape Ann Farmers Market - Starts June 1, every other Thursday 3 till 6:30 PM
Stage Fort Park
Gloucestor, MA

Salem Farmers Market - Starts June 8, every other Thursday 3 till 7:00 PM
32 Derby St.
Salem, MA

Union Square Farmers Market - Every other Saturday, Until November! 9-1 PM
Union Square
Somerville, MA

Wayland Farmers Market- Once per month July 19, August, Sept, Wednesday 12-5
397 Boston Post Rd
Wayland, MA 01778

Kendell Center Farmers Market, Every other Wednesday 11:00 - 6:00 PM
Kendell Center
Cambridge, MA

Danvers Farmers Market, Occasional Wednesdays, 3-6 PM
Town Hall
Danvers, MA

Union Square Farmers Market - Every other Saturday, Until November! 9-1 PM
Union Square
Somerville, MA

Haverhill Farmers Market, Alternating Sundays starting June 24th 9-1 PM
40 Bailey Blvd
Haverhill, MA 01830


The fleet has sailed!!   Mazer Dan's favorite mead right now- we have finally released our Viking Victory Mead!

The Viking Victory (or as we like to call it "V squared") is a spiced, dark and rich local "bamboo" honey mead.  What Dan envisioned

when making this mead was sitting around a campfire, drinking it up and planning raids.  We think he got this one right!!

A rich, semi-sweet, after dinner sipping mead, the knotweed honey comes through fully after a pleasant warm

combination of mulling spices, featuring Nutmeg, Allspice, Cinnamon and Cloves.  Watch it though!  The ABV on this is

slightly higher than our previous meads, coming in at around 15.5%.  Drink only enough to want to go pillaging!


Grab a bottle and get on you raiding vessel!!