Devil's Footprint Released!

This multi-berry mead (blackberry, raspberry and blueberries), all locally sourced, are fermented dry with local wild

flower honey.  A slightly tart berry first mead, combines with a hint of honey for this almost red-wine tasting mead.


This mead was named in honor of the legend of the "Devil's Footprint" here in Ipswich.  So the story goes:

The famous Rev. George Whitefield was traveling thoughout New England giving sermon to thousands of people.

His stop in Ipswich was no different - he was preaching atop the town hill, at the location of the First Church of Ipswich.

So impassioned was his speach, in front of thousands of listeners, that the Devil himself showed up, as he did not like

what was being said about him.  A wrestling match ensued, with the Reverend and the Devil going at it!  They chased

each other around the pews a few times, and eventually made there way to the the top of the steeple.  There, the preacher,

in all his glory, knocked the Devil of the top of the church.  The Devil found him falling to the ground, and when he landed, his

feet hit the ground, sending sparks everywhere.  He had left his footprints embedded in the rocks.  We do not know what

happened to the Devil after this, but his footprints can still be found!